What is Beta?

What does it mean when something is released in Beta?

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Have you seen a feature labeled, "Beta" inside our software? This means that the feature is currently being tested and may not be fully functional or stable yet. We release Beta features in order to gather constructive feedback on the new feature and to help us identify any potential bugs or issues that need to be fixed.

If you choose to use a beta feature, you'll have access to new functionality before it's advertised, but you should also be prepared for incremental improvements and updates until the feature is finalized.

Beta features are an important part of software development, allowing us to refine and test new functionality. We desire your input and want to shape our features to fit the needs of our users. By providing feedback on beta features, you can help shape the final product and contribute to the development process. Anytime you think of a suggestion or run into an issue, please chat with us.

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