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How to Select Materials For your Project
How to Select Materials For your Project

Learn how to pick and choose the materials you want to use in your project budget/estimate.

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Once you have setup your Material Catalog with all of your commonly used materials that you use in your business, you can easily pull those materials into your project selections for your project.

There are two places you can select your materials:

  1. Repair Estimator Tool

  2. Material List Report

Selecting Materials from the Repair Estimator Tool

The Repair Estimator tool is where you can create an estimate/budget for all of the repairs that need to happen on your project.

Within each category, there is a pre-built list of "Repair Items", that include starter prices for both Labor & Material based upon the National average.

The Material Prices that are included as an "allowance" which should provide you with a reasonable budget for that material.

For example, our vanity cabinet has $500 included for the material costs. If you want to get more exact and select a specific material SKU, you can pick a specific vanity that you have uploaded to your Material Catalog.

Simply click the Edit button on the right side which will open up a side panel, and click the Material tab.

Once you click the Material tab, you will be shown an option to "Select from Your Catalog" which will allow you to explore your Material Catalog and select the specific vanity cabinet you want to include in your estimate.

Once you select the item, your material estimate will be updated with the specific material price, and you'll see a thumbnail showing that the material has been selected.

Selecting Materials from the Material List Report

The other place you can pick-and-choose your project materials is on the Material List report.

The Material List Report is a report that is generated directly from the Repair Estimator tool, that displays all repair items that have a material estimate >$0.

In our previous example above, we had included an allowance of $500 for our vanity cabinet on the project, so because that item had a material estimate greater than $0, it will populate on our Material List report.

Similarly to the material selection process on the Estimator, you can click the edit icon on the right which will open up a side panel which will allow you to explore our Material Catalog and make your selection.

Once you select the Material, the Material information will be updated in the report, and you can use the Material List to build a shopping list and purchase the materials for your project.

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